My paintings frequently appear in closed or semi-closes boxes, or partly slipped under fake wallpaper. My paintings show ambiguous moments of my life, haunted by an ambivalent relationship with the mass medias pictures of violence, and pictures of my intimacy. I isolate a detail from my collection of pictures. Revealing a pattern, I includes it into fake walls made by hand and recycled Paper Tea bags.

Most of the drawings are directly copied from real walls. The visual impact of this work is heightened by a particular installation. The mechanism is based on the idea of a set (with)out frame. The spectator becomes the camera and it helps to spring up a new sight.

I have recently engaged my work into movie making, exploring the ambiguous and shifting boundaries between the in-camera and off-camera fields.

Since my experience in cinema, I have started to incorporate my painting process into the writing of a synopsis.

I live and work in Leipzig since 2020.