I am graduated from the Toulouse Institute of Art (France) in 2017. I have traveled around the world and studied theater, carpentry and the art of painting film sets.

Since 2014 my work is adapted to mass media data sources and personal snapshots of friends and family. I introduced the concept of masking my paintings then. In covering my pictures and using handmade fakes wall paper, I try to introduce the spectator into my universe in managing bodies and glances routine and multilingual speaking interest.

In 2018 I have worked with Abdelatif Kechiche on the movie «Mektoub my love : canto due». Since then I have started to study further the movies mecanisms in among of masking painting concept.

I have showed my work in various solo and group exhibitions since 2009, including the Amsterdam Royal Gallery (2011) Nederland, Inund’Art festival (2017) Spain, le Lieu-Commun (2018), France. etc.